New York: Window Cleaners Left Dangling

Window cleaners holding on to dear life as their rig drops

Window cleaners holding on to dear life as their rig drops

For those that think that cleaning windows on high rise buildings is dangerous work, the story of these New York window cleaners only confirms their fears. Cleaners at a building near a Manhattan street had to be pulled to safety when one side of their rig collapsed on them.

The same fate was shared by construction workers, who were left fighting for their lives on the side of a building when their equipment let them down. The three employees, who were working on the 17th-floor window of the upper East Side building, were put into a precarious situation when their scaffolding suddenly broke in the air.

Dangling at a 75-degree angle

Firefighters had to be called to the scene of the E. 66th St. high-rise on Third Avenue. The rescue services were only called to the scene when people around the area saw the workers dangling from their scaffolding, which was at a death-defying 75-degree angle.

The NYPD also sent officers from their Emergency Services Unit, and one of these policemen made his way over the roof and rappelled down the building to help the workers who were facing a life and death situation.

The struggling workers only needed to struggle for safety for around 10 minutes once the crew of firefighters got to the scene and secured the scaffolding. The three men were then pulled to safety using the windows of the high-rise.

One of the workers was taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries. Luckily the other two men did not sustain any injuries.

It has been speculated that the cable could have slipped from a motor mount on the roof, which then caused the one side of the rig to drop down dangerously. While we only have speculations for the moment, inspectors from the city’s Department of Buildings have been trying to find out the exact reason for the potentially fatal accident.

Trump Tower

The men had all survived because they had adhered to safety protocol and were all wearing their safety harnesses.

New York is famous for its skyline and the fact that it has some of the most iconic buildings anywhere in the world. One such example is the high rise owned by Donald Trump, a building called Trump Tower. This 58-floor building has been valued at $318 million, which is about the same amount the Trump World Tower had cost when it was built.

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