New Wikileaks book labels Assange as a bully



In a book launched yesterday, Julian Assange’s former right hand man labelled the website mogul as an irresponsible, autocratic bully.

The book, titled, “Inside Wikileaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World’s Most Dangerous Website,” was written by Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who quit as Assanges right hand man on the website in September.

Daniel quit over disagreements about management of the site, and claims that Assange once threatened to kill him.

Assange accused Domscheit-Berg of leaking Wikileaks own internal secrets. The book also revealed that WikiLeaks ability to receive new leaks has suffered, after a disgruntled programmer removed a component which gave anonymity to leakers, leading to less people willing to send in leaks.

Assange and his team refused to respond to email requests requesting a comment about the book, although a spokesperson did say the entire system was currently being overhauled, and that Daniel had exaggerated his involvement in the site, and that they were taking action against him for sabotage.

Domscheit-Berg, under the name “Daniel Schmitt” had been one of the website’s chief spokespeople and said,”Inside WikiLeaks” describes the intensity of the animosities between Assange and Domscheit-Berg which led the latter to turn on his former close friend.

“There were times when he threatened me very intensely, threatening either to chase and to kill me or eventually, to come with the police and have us all jailed,”

“This is data that has not been edited and which may still include information on the sources,” he said. “This is simply irresponsible.”

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