New Traffic Camera Checks Up on Vehicle Insurance and Taxes as well as Detecting Violations

The new ASSET traffic camera will be able to detect 5 driver offenses at once.

The new ASSET traffic camera will be able to detect 5 driver offenses at once.

It’s no secret that drivers dislike speed detecting cameras. Some even cry that privacy issues are at stake with the cameras. Now a new camera will allow an even stronger technology issued “smack of the hand” on more offences than speeding.

The new camera, known as ASSET – Advanced Safety and Support for Essential Transport – is being funded at a price tag of seven million pounds by European money and developed by a group of universities and research institutions. Each unit will cost approximately 50,000 pounds. Currently it is being tested in Finland and is expected to start showing up on European roads in 2013.

Not only will the camera report speeders, but it can also detect if insurance and taxes are current with the vehicle, if the driver is tailgating and if the driver is wearing their seatbelt. Its high tech cameras can capture images from 150 feet away. If there is a violation then the data and images are sent into the local authorities for those not connected to a violation the images are automatically destroyed after 30 days.

The reception for the new technology is mixed. AA president Edmund King expressed the camera “needs to be a safety measure, not a money making machine.”

Speed Cameras dot Org is concerned that the device could become a replacement for traffic police and sees that as a mistake.

A spokesman for the campaign group said: ‘It’s a pity that the main actions that cause the most accidents, namely not paying attention to the road, misjudging distances and other drivers’ intentions, cannot be detected by a device of any sort.

“More police patrols and better driver education are the only ways to reduce accidents.”

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