New telescope finding many ‘new worlds’

Telescope finding new planets

Telescope finding new planets

NASA has said its new telescope is finding many new worlds during its search for alien life.

An early report has shown that there are far more stable multi planet systems than previous searches have been able to show.

The data from the new Kepler telescope shows there could be as many as a 1,000 new planets outside our solar system. This is more than double the original amount of these so called ‘exoplanets’.

Though they have not been confirmed as actual planets yet, the scientists behind the project are confident that 90% of Keplers findings will be verified eventually.

The telescope was launched in 2009, and has been orbiting the Sun between Earth and Mars. Its main task is to conduct a planet census and search for new ‘Earth-like’ planets. So far it has found that there are far more planets smaller than Jupiter, than there are giant planets.

There are some planets which have been found to be a similar size to Earth, scientists believe there is more chance of finding life on these plants than the massive planets that are so easily spotted.

Jonathan Fortney, a Kepler researcher from University of California Santa Cruz said that while Kepler has not yet found any planets as small as Earth, things are “pointing in the right direction”

Yale University exoplanet expert Debra Fischer, says the new information “gives us a much firmer footing” in eventual hopes for worlds that could harbour life.

“I feel different today, knowing these new Kepler results, than I did a week ago,”

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