New NHS reforms will lead to £1billion in redundancy payments



New NHS reforms announced by the government today will lead to 24,500 jobs being scrapped in the biggest sake up to the health service in its history.

All 152 PCTs in England will be scrapped, and ten health authorities will go as well.

The moves, which will see the scrapping of all of England’s Primary Care Trusts, will see their power given to GPs, who from 2013 will be handed around 80% of their budget to commission services for patients.

The GPs £100 billion war chest will be overseen by a newly appointed committee and is designed to save the NHS £5billion by 2015 and a further £1.7billion a year thereafter.

As part of the changes, the government were forced to admit that 50% of existing PCT and SHA staff would not have a job under the new plans, and that the radical reforms £1.4billion cost is made up largely of redundancy payouts.

The Health and Social bill was unveiled by the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, who came under attack in parliament from Labour Head Ed Miliband, who called the conservatives arrogant.

The moves, which are part of plans to save over £15billion from the NHS budgets, were met with mixed views on internet chat rooms.

Mumsnet, a popular online forum for mums, saw forum members take to the internet to both condemn welcome the cuts, with one member saying, “The NHS was cobbled together at the outset without very much thought at all. One minute we had lots of independent doctors, hospitals and other care providers and, literally overnight, they all became ‘the NHS’. We’ve been trying to design an efficient system since. It’s all back to front. State-run monopolies are rarely well-managed but there are better models, even within the rest of Europe. Having had excellent and terrible experiences within the health service I’d like to see what the reforms mean in practice and will listen to the debate with interest.”

Others, who work for the NHS pointed out that there has been no consultancy about the reforms, and that it is a worrying time, especially with unemployment up again today.

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