New Google Instant Will Make Big Brands Bigger

Google Instant

Google Instant, A Radical Change That May Help Brands

On Wednesday 08/09/2010, Google launched “Google Instant” and the fat cats behind the world’s biggest brands licked their lips. Well maybe aside from bill Gates, Microsoft owner, who owns Bing that is. Bill may have had a stiff drink instead as the new Google changes really show just how forward thinking Google are, when compared to their competition.

Google’s new software update now makes big brands bigger and may well reduce the smaller sites market share. Google has made it so that when you start to type in a search term, your search results are constantly updating in real time. This means that a lot of Google users will not need to complete their intended search term and will instead be able to easily use the Google suggested search terms in real time.

How this affects the web as we know it remains to be seen but there are a few reasons to think it will favour bigger sites and brands.

1) The new interface pushes free results down further due to the new suggestions taking up space. This makes the paid ads more clickable and the top 1 or 2 results for each term.
2) If for example, i start to type in “loans for people over 50”, as soon as i have entered “loa” i start to see showing in my results, as Google is instantly picking up and displaying the top results for “loans”. I now may well click on that result and forget my original search. What this means is that if you are lucky enough to rank top for “loans” or big terms, you should see an increase in traffic. If you are a smaller site which relies on more niche search terms, you may be missed altogether.

Google instant is not yet rolled out to all areas fully and is not yet functional with mobile phones. When this happens, the affects will be more profound. This is because it is well suited to the mobile industry, where people do not want to type out long terms and will happily use the Google suggestions.

As with every change Google makes, seo companies everywhere will find ways to exploit these updates over time, and so the battle begins.

Craig Raith, an expert seo writer at told us “Google instant will almost instantly put lot’s of “mom and pop” websites out of business.” This remains to be seen but the future may not be bright, it may just be “Orange…..And Amazon…..And Argos…..”

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