New contactless American Express credit card to be released



A new contactless MBNA card will be released to customers in the UK, with American Express branding on them.

The new cards are set to be launched to support the banks desire to make sure every one of their customers in the UK has access to the new technology.

The new card is not immediately available but should be ready by the end of 2012, and will allow all customers to pay by just touching their card on the payment terminals.

MBNA will also fully protect any customers from fraud, with payments up to £15 allowed with the contactless technology, and anything over that requiring chip and pin as usual.

American Express Global Network Services representative, Debra Davies explained that customers “will be able to enjoy the ease and convenience of contactless payments together with the customised benefits and services on their American Express-branded cards”.

MBNA customers will also be able apply for a Rate for Life card online, ironically offering a 5.9% introductory offer, with that rate not for life.

The card only charges a 1.5% balance transfer fee, and has been designed for customers wishing to consolidate debt into one place.

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