Nelson Mandela: Hospitalised But Not In Danger

Former South African president suffering from stomach complaint

Former South African president suffering from stomach complaint

According to a Government statement, the former South African President Nelson Mandela has been taken into hospital with a stomach problem. However, the current President of the rainbow nation has reassured his countrymen and women, that the iconic man who is an inspiration for many people all over the world is not in any danger.

It has been revealed that Mr Mandela has been in hospital to undergo a routine ‘diagnostic procedure’, and officials have said that his life is not in any danger. The statement which was released stated that Mr Mandela had to be treated for a long-running abdominal complaint, and he should be allowed to go home on Monday.


After fighting so much in his life time including, actively fighting against the apartheid in South Africa, imprisonment in Robben Island from which he was released and then went on to become the President of South Africa.

Still going at the grand age of 93, his health has deteriorated in recent years and he has rarely been seen in public. This is a man who was the first black president after his country had a history of white minority rule, and he has a special place in the hearts of almost every South African.

The current president had urged for Mr Mandela to be given the privacy he and his family deserve. Journalists who had been waiting outside the hospital were told sternly that they should move away or face arrest.

The statement also revealed that doctors were satisfied with his condition, which is consistent with a man his age. Prior to his admission he had complained about his stomach, and doctors felt that it should be given a thorough investigation.

Mr Mandela had only gone back to Johannesburg last month from his rural home in the Eastern Cape. At the start of last year he had undergone treatment in the city’s Milpark hospital for a chest infection which had caused some concern.

African National Congress

Mr Mandela’s granddaughter also said that she was not worried about his health, saying: “I don’t see it as a big thing. When I saw him on Wednesday, he was in good spirits, in perfect health, and the epitome of health really for a man of his age.”

South Africa is a country which has had a mixed past with the implementation of the policy named Apartheid, dividing the economy into one which was privileged and impoverished. Post-apartheid and when the African National Congress (ANC) came into power, the government had the challenging task of fixing an economy damaged by sanctions.

Currently it has the largest economy in South Africa, with the rand being the most traded emerging  currency in the world.

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