Mystery house washed up on a beach in Essex

Houseboat 2

Houseboat 2

Residents living off the coast in Essex got a suprise yesterday as a giant house washed up on the beach.

The houseboat, is 100ft long and looks to be in a state of disrepair, with broken windows and graffiti all over it.

After getting over the initial shock, residents realised that it was the houseboat that featured in an episode of Channel 4s Grand Designs,back in the spring of 2007.

The show, which shows people restoring houses, saw Christopher Miller and Sze Lui Lai spend £80,000 attempting to restore the houseboat, but with difficulties and challenges cropping along the way, the couple eventually gave up.

Since then, the boathouse has been moored in the Thames Estuary, where it is believed to have remiained unoccupied since the show nearly four years a go.

Reports over the weekend suggest it had broken free from it’s mooring and been washed with the current to the beach.

A local Cafe owner, who’s Cafe overlooks the beach, spoke to the Metro,

“I did not know what it was at first. Then I saw the roof and realised it was the boat from ‘Grand Designs’ – it looked very strange just sat there opposite our cafe”, said Steve Morgan,  “We have had loads of customers down here, all talking about it.”

What would you think if a random house washed up on the shore on a beach near you, and would you like to live in one of these?

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