MP calls for new car insurance rules

Nick De Bois

Nick De Bois

MP for Enfield North, Nick de Bois has called for car insurance firms to be given emergency powers to stop drivers without a valid driving licence from buying insurance from them.

Car insurance firms are currently “under no duress to check the driving license status of new customers” revealed Mr de Bois, which allows illegal drivers to buy car insurance.

Mp de Bois, who represents the Conservative party in Enfield North was in Parliament yesterday calling on the government to change the rules.

Resident of Mr de Bois’ constituency, Ricky Burlton was tragically killed recently, after being hit by an illegal motorist.

20-year-old Burlton was walking alongside the A10 in Hertfordshire when he was mown down and killed by an illegal driver.

The man, an Albanian known as Georgios Tsoulos, was not even allowed in the country, and is still been hunted by the police in connection with the crash.

Tsoulos is thought to have left the UK after the accident, and has so far avoided questioning.

de Bois called for a debate about the obvious loophole, and was told that his concerns would be heard by state transport secretary, Philip Hammond.

Speaking after appearing in Commons, de Bois said, “In extreme cases we have seen dangerous driving by those who are under false identities and unqualified to drive in this country.

“In this case, this led tragically to Ricky’s death last year on the A10. We have to examine ways to stop this and I am calling for a debate in Parliament to do just that.”

The government does not currently hold any figures regarding the number of drivers injured or killed in crashes caused by drivers with illegally purchased insurance.

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