Movies: Miramax and Facebook bring the Miramax eXperience

Miramax and Facebook bring the Miramax eXperience

Miramax and Facebook bring the Miramax eXperience

The social media giants Facebook and the entertainment company Miramax Films have come together to form a partnership which will see the pair of them bring a new collection of movies to view instantly on the social network. With Facebook becoming a hub for nearly everything it may be that Miramax are taking a position that will see them prosper from such a bold move.

Largest Facebook streaming movie venture

According to the deal will become the largest Facebook streaming movie venture right now. The program will be called the ‘Miramax eXperience’ and will open with twenty titles available for rent in the United States and ten available in the United Kingdom and Turkey with France and Germany in the pipeline as the next viable nations.

The beauty of the Miramax eXperience is the mobility of what they are offering. Users will be able to watch the films not just on their computers but also on their iPads, through a browser-based player and Google TVs. This feature will change the playing field since it adds convenience to the Miramax eXperience.

The price for the movies will be competitive with each one costing 30 Facebook credits, or $3. The rental of the movie will be active for 30 days, but once the movie has been started there will be a 48 hour window to complete the viewing.

“We wanted to fish where the fish are”

The idea is that titles will cycle on and off the list depending on rights and the films chosen for the launch of Miramax eXperience will be available through September.

Mike Lang, the CEO of Miramax has said while talking about why the social media giant was chosen as the arena instead of a Miramax streaming website: “We wanted to fish where the fish are. We could have created the most robust in the world and other than my family members, who would be there?”

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