Motorola: Google purchase pleases workers

Motorola purchased by Google

Motorola purchased by Google

A survey carried out by Glassdoor, an online jobs and career website, has revealed that many of the Motorola Mobility workers will be very excited that the company they work for is being bought by the giants Google.

Dissatisfaction at Motorola CEO

600 employees took part in the survey by Glassdoor and it gained opinions from its jobs-related social network members. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 representing satisfaction the employees taking part where asked to rate their employers. The survey revealed that on average employees rated 3.9 for Google and 2.9 for Motorola.

“Much change has occurred since the era of Sanjay Jha and his management influence. Layoffs hit hard and deep over the past few years separating a lot of talent with many years of service” said an employee of Motorola.

The figures were very interesting when those polled were asked to rate their companies CEOs. Larry Page of Google obtained a 97% approval rating where Motorola’s Sanjay Jha had a 47% rating. The feelings for the Motorola CEO show why many of the Motorola employees where so happy to hear of the Google purchase.

Employees had complained of the stresses of working for Motorola and the challenge they have when working in such a competitive industry. But the news was no better for Google with an employee saying: “The company has grown so much that competition is greater thus limiting advancement”.

Easy to get fired

Commenting on the working environment and the company the employee had stated that the pace was very fast and it was a high performance orientated corporate structure. “Easy to get fired. Long hours and high work standards. Very team orientated but for people who value individualism, Google is not for you” said the employee.

Despite these feelings Google scored the highest score in ‘employee morale’ with a rating of 4.1 using the same scale as described above. By contrast Motorola scored 2.8. The figures showed that the feelings conveyed by the Google employee may well be a minority opinion whereas the Motorola opinions were more common through the company.

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