Monarchy: Proposals To Alter Succession

Monarchy: Proposals To Alter Succession

Monarchy: Proposals To Alter Succession

It appears that more than a thousand years of royal history will be altered, this change will give daughters and sons in the royal family equal rights to become Britain’s monarch. This change will affect the 16 countries  who have the Queen as the head of state, as such they will need to change their legislation.


Experts within the Government have said that they are looking at which laws need to be changed as a result of the proposals. At the moment there are nine included in the list which goes back to 1689.

The issue that is being tackled is that male primogeniture is based on many centuries of common law rules of property and not any legislation. This means that younger brothers have more of a right to become monarchs in front of their older sisters.

Had equal rights to the throne come in during the past, it would have meant that history would have taken a different course. A few of the Kings would not have been eligible for the top role. There would have been a chance that World War 1 would never have taken place since Germany and Britain would have had the same ruler.

Looking at what the changes would mean to the current collection of the royal family if they were put into effect today, the Duke of York would have gone down the list to eight in the line behind the Princess Royal and her son Peter Phillips and Savannah and Zara Philips.

Earl of Wessex

With the Duke of York having two children it has caused the Earl of Wessex to drop down spending, going from eight per cent

Britain has been behind in terms of getting this legislation put through quicker, with the Scandinavian country of Sweden becoming the first to declare its equal rights for both male and female.

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