Monarch abandon debit card fees



Monarch piled the pressure on the other airlines yesterday when they abandoned their debit card booking fees.

A campaign by Which? has put renewed pressure on airlines to reduce or abandon their extortionate debit and credit card fees.

Whilst Monarch axed their 3.5% of the booking total debit card fee, with a minimum payment of £2.49 they did increase the charge for customers paying by credit card, from a minimum of £5.49 to a flat fee of £10.

The company claim that they want the charge to be ‘upfront, transparent and simple’.

Retailers, budget airlines and local councils are under renewed pressure to remove the charges they make on credit and debit card booking, with the Office of Fair Trading currently investigating the charges following a complaint by consumer group Which?

Rochelle Turner from which? Explained, “Over 42,000 people have told us they want to see an end to excessive card fees, so it’s great to see that Monarch is scrapping charges for debit card payments, and making credit card fees transparent and upfront.

“The cost to businesses for taking payment by debit card is a matter of pennies, so there’s simply no justification for excessive fees.

“We’d like to see others follow in the footsteps of Monarch and stop using processing costs to boost their profits.”

Monarchs move is in complete contrast to Ryanair who have increased their charge.

Ryanair now charge £5 each way for all debit card booking, effectively increasing the cost of travelling by £40 for a family of four.

Conrad Clifford, chief executive of Monarch said, ‘In these difficult economic times, there is absolutely no justification advertising one fare and then stinging consumers with hidden excess charges.

Hew added, ‘The primary purpose of our review of card fees was to provide an upfront, transparent and simple to understand charging policy.’

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