MOD releases apology for the soldiers being ‘sacked by e-mail’

Ministry of Defence Apologise

Ministry of Defence Apologise

The Ministry of Defence have released an apology after a newspaper released a report that 38 active soldiers were sacked by e-mail – including one serving on the front line in Afghanistan.

A spokesman for the Army said: “commanding officers have spoken to those concerned to ensure they got advice and support”

The men, all warrant officers, were told they were the victims of the defence cuts, according to the Sun.

According to The Sun newspaper, all of men – who are of warrant officer rank – were told in the e-mail that they were victims of the defence budget cuts

The Sun also said that the Army officers each received a message that advised to “start planning your resettlement”.

It said the warrant officers included a Royal Tank Regiment veteran who was serving on the front line in Afghanistan.

It has also been released that up to 20 fighter pilots, 50 transport aircraft pilots and 30 helicopter pilots could be facing early release from their service due to the cuts to the defence budget.

The MOD said that they could not comment directly on the RAF redundancies but said that all three of the services would be facing cuts.

Is an apology enough? Do you know one of the 38?

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