Millions left homes without insurance over last two weeks

Royal Wedding Party

Royal Wedding Party

A study from a leading insurance firm has found a shockingly large number of Britons left their homes unattended over the last two weeks, without any home insurance.

Sainsbury’s Home Insurance carried out a survey that found over 5 million people left their belongings at risk over the long Easter break.

With nearly four and a half million people going on holiday, and nearly half of the two million people holding a Royal Wedding party without any home insurance, any break ins, breakages or accidental damage of any kind will not be coming out of the pockets of insurance companies.

Sainsbury’s Home Insurance manager, Ben Tyte revealed, “We’re encouraging all homeowners going on holiday to check they have a good quality home insurance policy, and all homeowners who are hosting a party to check that they are covered for accidental damage.”

The South East saw the most Kate and Wills parties, with Hertfordshire seeing the largest number of applications for a street party, and seven percent of those in the region expected to hold a party to watch the royal wedding. The North West also saw six percent of adults hosting parties for the event.

Sainsbury’s offer advice for those planning on going away in the summer, or hosting a party in the upcoming warm period.

• If you are going away make sure all your windows and doors are locked and your burglar alarm is switched on.
• Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your home while you are away.
• Remember to check your contents policy and make sure you’ve got good accidental damage cover – some do not cover mishaps such as spills.
• If you are having a party make sure doors are closed behind guests so gatecrashers can’t walk in, as this may invalidate your insurance.
• Move expensive items to another room where your guests won’t be, for example electrical equipment, glass furniture etc.

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