MI5 Officer ‘Suspected’ 7/7 Leader Mohammad Siddique Khan

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A desk officer from MI5 says he suspected one of the 7/7 bombers was a trained terrorist two months before the attacks.

The inquests into the 7 July 2005 suicide bombings heard how the officer made an “intuitive” link between fragments of intelligence about suspects. The connection is said to have been discovered while Mohammad Siddique Khan was preparing for the bombings.

However, an MI5 witness said that at the time they had no proof over who Khan was and whether he was a danger to the UK – so they could not do very much.

The inquest has been hearing from Witness G, a senior MI5 officer who is chief of staff to MI5 Director General Jonathan Evans.

Whilst being questioned by a counsel for the families, Witness G said that in the spring of 2005 MI5 officers were trying to establish the real identities of a pair of men who had attended a terrorist training camp in Pakistan just two years before.

MI5 had been informed that the men from the training camp had used the names “Ibrahim” and “Zubair” and that they had come from West Yorkshire.

May 2005 saw three Leeds men flagged up by a desk officer at MI5′ as “possible candidates” for the mystery pair.

They unidentified pair also appeared on “the periphery” of Operation Crevice during the 2004 fertiliser bomb plot which was successfully foiled by the police and security services.

The three men pointed out by the officer included Mohammad Siddique Khan, however his complete identity and terrorist credentials were not established until after 7/7.

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