Mexico Shooting: Four Dead In Ciudad Juarez

Mexico's War On Drugs

Mexico’s War On Drugs

Two paramedics and two patients were gunned down by a group of gunmen in Ciadud Juarex, Mexico, when an ambulance was attacked. The footage shows one body next to the ambulance as police close the area to complete their investigations. Mexico is a country that has been engulfed by gun related killings, with lives lost almost daily and this attack simply sums up the problems they are having.

Mexico-United States border

It was revealed that the gunmen had opened fire on the ambulance and the people inside, this left two ambulance workers dead as well as two kidney patients and another female travelling in the vehicle also suffered the same fate.

The killings took place near the Mexico-United States border, and area which has major drug trafficking problems, and in recent news a tunnel was found linking the two nations in which a high quantity of drugs was found.

People who were in the area remembered seeing a truck which was carrying the men who carried out the shooting. The witnesses saw the truck collide with the ambulance which forced both vehicles to stop.

The gunmen then left their vehicle and shot the victims, the way the attack took place hinted that the driver of the ambulance was the target. Mexican authorities have revealed that the driver was shot in the head.

At the moment no reason has been given for the attack but since the attack took place at Ciudad Juarez which is adjacent to El Paso, Texas on the US side of the border, it has been assumed at this early stage that the killing is drug related and most likely over a dispute.

Almost 2,000 people have been killed in Ciadud Juarez this year, and last year the total was 3,000. Since 2006 more than 45,000 have lost their lives, this prompted President Felipe Calderon to launch a huge military move which involved 50,000 troops against the big and powerful drug cartels that have taken control of neighbourhoods and terrorized communities along the border.

Financially lucrative smuggling routes

The battle which has been running for a while is over smuggling routes which are financially lucrative and this has been fought over violently.

Major problems have arisen because Columbia, the world’s largest cocaine producer, where it has been reported that there has been a major decline in coca cultivation and production. To make matters worse there has also been a new wave of murders which have been linked to the narcotrafficking gangs which have included ex-paramilitary.

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