Mexico Grenade Attack: Video Captures Violence

Police lockdown areas around explosions

Police lockdown areas around explosions

Security video footage has captured images of when a petrol station exploded and the violence between students and the police forces in the Mexican state of Guerrero. Moreover, the violence across parts of the nation is not restricted to the student protests, as suspected criminal groups in the country have thrown grenades at two parked vehicles in the northeast state of Tamaulipas.

Bigger and much more dangerous

The violence in Mexico does not stop unfortunately, as there is a that is continuing on the border between the United States and Mexico as drug gangs try and control the area and the lucrative routes that link the two countries.

The first vehicle which was exploded was parked outside a prison in Ciudad Victoria, this prompted security forces to put a lockdown on the area to make sure no one got in or out of the scene limiting any further destruction and potential deaths and hopefully catching the offenders.

Dogs were used to check  for explosives, but there was only the grenade which had already detonated. The second car was parked  in a public car park where there was danger of members of the public being hit, the car park was right next to a shopping centre and casino.

This was not a deterrent to the criminals who at this point were clearly showing disregard to the impact of their actions, again police forces had no choice but to evacuate the area for threat that another explosion could be on the cards.

No arrests had been made immediately after the explosions as police could not make any connections with either incident, as such the lucky criminals were able to escape not having to pay for the destruction they caused. Luckily for them it was only two vehicles that were put out of commission but this could have been a lot worse if people were around.


According to the local authorities, the cars were blown up as a distraction for law enforcement officials and to place threatening government messages the contents of which have not been released.

Mexico is a nation riled with violence corruption and greed, it is a country which poses many problems to America but it is a problem Mexican authorities need to deal with. If not many lives will continue to be lost, lives which could have done something good for the country which is in a bad way.

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