Mexican Student Protest: Shocking Violence

Students die in Student protest clash with police

Students die in Student protest clash with police

Security footage has captured the images of an exploding petrol station and the violence that ensued between students and police in the Mexican state of Guerrero. After the student riots that had taken the city of London by storm it looks as if the Mexicans have also received a little taste into the power student organizations across many universities in the country.

AK-47 assault rifle and hand grenades

In comparison the riots across England were tamer in comparison, with news being released by prosecutors in southern Mexico saying that an AK-47 assault rifle, hand grenades and gasoline bombs where found at the scene of a protest where there was violent meeting between student demonstrators and police forces.

The clash resulted in the death of two students, but the attorney general of the southern state of Guerrero revealed that there was ‘outside elements’ which contaminated the student protest, these were individuals who were not students at the teachers college where the original protest at started.

Alberto Lopez who is the attorney general also said that at a news conference that a total of eight hand grenades had been found where the demonstration took place, a highway in the state capital, Chilpancingo.

As the video quite clearly shows, students had set fire to the petrol pumps at a gas station on the same highway. Protestors took this dangerous option when they were confronted by police who had arrived to calm the action down.

Demonstrators had to be controlled using tear gas when shots had come out of the group, and an investigation is underway as authorities look through all evidence to find the offender who fired the bullets.

Shell casings that were found post demonstration where from an AK-47 and along with hand grenades, are the weapon of choice for Mexican drug gangs. Unfortunately, as is the norm throughout the country the firearms are not issued to law enforcement agencies in Mexico.

No student protestor was armed

What has been found at this early stage is that none of the 400 protesters was armed, students from the college are accusing the authorities for planting the weapons at the scene so as to justify the killings.

Many of the nation’s public rural teachers colleges were found in 1930, and they have a deep rooted socialist philosophy and as such have been ripe with radical activism over their history.

The protests, leaders have revealed, have been to receive funding for a larger incoming class, better conditions at the school and a better chance for these students to secure themselves with employment. Reforms in the country have meant that new jobs for teachers are based on competitive tests, the new process that these groups are not in agreement with.

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