Metro Bank to Change the Way for Banking Business

Even dogs are welcomed at Metro Bank with in-store treats.

Even dogs are welcomed at Metro Bank with in-store treats.

There is a new bank in town, named Metro Bank and it is promising to change the way people do banking business.  The last time a high street bank launched was in 1872.  The first branch of Metro Bank has opened in Holborn, central London.

Metro Bank plans on winning the customers who have lost faith in the usual banking system.  They have built their future on the fact that they will be different and stand apart from the banks that so many have come to consider less than customer centered.

First off, Metro plans to call their branches “stores”.  They will be open 7 days a week and will be open for extended hours compared to other banks.  Their hours will be 8AM to 8PM Monday through Saturday, and 11AM to 4PM on Sundays.  They will also allow dogs to come into their bank and to greet them when they visit with in-store treats.

The employees promise to pick up the phone within three rings and a customer will be able to open an account and receive a card and pin number for the account within 15 minutes.  They were giving away sandwich toasters during the grand opening for those opening a new account with 50 pounds.

The counter customers approach for business at the stores appears more like a welcoming hotel check-in counter than the usual cattle call line ups to counter of most banks.

Expansion of Metro Bank is planned for eight more stores in London and plans to launch 200 outlets nationwide by 2020.

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