MESSAGE TO DAVID CAMERON -First Rule of Politics: Never Make Promises You Can’t Keep!

David Cameron

David Cameron

David Cameron comes under pressure today to keep his promise of keeping petrol prices down!

With the rise of VAT and petrol duty Cameron slaps another couple of hundred pounds expense a year to the average Joe Bloggs but people seem to finally be demanding that political figures keep their promises.

He says that he doesn’t want to ‘raise people’s hopes on a difficult issue’ well I think its about time that he did get some hopes up in this country, I mean lets face it what exactly does the country have to look forward to this year? The Royal Wedding is the only thing that is even slightly exciting in the near future and that’s only for the extra day off! Then just to dash our hopes the tube workers think it would be a plan to strike so anyone who was thinking of popping into London to give the Wils and Kate a wave, will probably have to stay at home and watch it on the TV.

What I have always wondered is why politicians make promises that they can’t deliver? They spend three months before the election telling us what they will do for us when they get the top job but then when they get there all they do is give us the pathetic excuses we had from the last ridiculous excuse of a government we had.

Interestingly, there are talks of hauliers and other pressure groups taking action, which may mirror the chaos of 2000 when people decided to park up on the countries motorways. I think everyone should join in, let’s all take action together, drive to your local motorway and just park up and take a gentle stroll home. Let’s see how Mr Cameron copes when every motorway in the country is blocked up with parked cars in the kind of silent protest that will kick this coalition in the backside and get them working on policies that are logical and easier on the country.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not naïve enough to suggest that all the cuts to pay off the crippling deficit are pointless, as that would just be ridiculous. However, taxing something like petrol so that it is 3 times more expensive than it is to supply is outrageous. I’m sure that the Government would have something to say if we all went on strike because we wanted minimum wage increased to £17.79.

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