McDonalds: Armed Robbery Caught On CCTV

One robber entering the kitchen with shotgun

One robber entering the kitchen with shotgun

A McDonald’s branch in Finchley Road, north London, which fell victim to an armed robbery by three men had recorded the entire ordeal on CCTV. The footage has been released and it shows the three men whose names are Christian Sankar, Shejja Rehman and Andrew Nkomo hold the workers at gun-point and make away with £2,000.

Compelling CCTV evidence

The three had gotten away initially but with compelling CCTV evidence all the police had to do was locate the criminals and a conviction would have been handed out quickly. Luckily no one in the fast food chain was injured or hurt after the three entered armed with a sawn-off shotgun.

The three men were not alone, as it was revealed that they also had a female lookout. The three men and the one women were handed their sentence at Blackfriars Crown Court for the robbery of McDonalds, a fast food chain which has a global presence.

Sankar, 25, Rehman, 21 and Nkomo, 22, each received sentences of between eight to eleven years for a crime which saw them and their female lookout Emily Cahill, 18, escape with more than £2,000. An amount which in hindsight doesn’t make the sentence or the crime worth it, and it should be a deterrent to others.

Cahill who was Nkomo’s girlfriend was sentenced to a smaller 40 months for partaking in the robbery. Her role was to pose as an innocent member of the public, and in doing so she casually made conversation with another customer while the three men threatened and terrified staff with the shotgun.

CCTV has revealed that the three men approached the counter during the early hours of Monday the 14th of February and then gain entry in the kitchen area where they carried out their plan.

On entering the kitchen Rehman is seen passing the gun to Sankar who loads it infront of terrified staff. The robbers then located the whereabouts of the manager working at the time and then threatened her before she was forced into the back office and made to open the safe which contained the relatively disappointing sum of money.

Robbers were not the slick group

The robbers were not the slick group that they may have tried to make out, as in the midst of the chaos they left their weapon at the scene. As such Nkomo is seen coming back to retrieve the weapon before the three leave the shop, Cahill leaves the premises a short while after just as casually as she entered.

Police were satisfied with the sentence handed out, and were equally they were caught in case the four of them had plans to do on some kind of violent spree of robbery.

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