Mass rape: a weapon allegedly used inside Iran’s most infamous prisons

Iranian authorities are purposefully facilitating mass rape

Iranian authorities are purposefully facilitating mass rape

“Rape has become a common act and acceptable”

Jailed activists have alleged that authorities are giving out condoms to criminals for use in rape attacks against young opposition activists locked up with them.

A series of smuggled letters written by prisoners and their families have revealed that authorities are purposefully facilitating the mass rape, and using it as a variety of retribution against the opposition.

A member of Iran’s Participation Front, Mahdi Mahmoudian, is amoung those prisoners who succeeded in smuggling out the letters.  The letters reveal the extent of the crimes that take place within the prison quarters.

“In various cells inside the prison, rape has become a common act and acceptable”, said one latter he wrote, published on official website of the opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi’s,  He also alleges that one young prisoner was raped seven times in just one night.

Amnesty International UK’s outlook

Amnesty International UK’s Middle East campaign manager Kristyan Benedict, said of the allegations mentioned in the letters:  “Rape is a terrible crime and these allegations should be thoroughly investigated.  Amnesty International has also documented the rape of make and female detainees by security officials.  Many of those taking part in post-election protests were tortured and did not receive fair trials.  The Iranian authorities still continue to punish and persecute those who peacefully speak up against them”.

Officals deny all accusations

Mahmoudian was immediately transferred to a solitary confinement after his letter attracted attention.

An official prison monitoring body have been written to by 26 political activists, who have been in jail since the 2009 election.  They accuse the revolutionary guards and the government’s intelligence ministry of using unlawful schemes, including sexual assaults, to harass inmates

The allegations have been ignored by Iranian officials, who also deny any previous claims of rape inside jails.


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