Mary Portas new series sparks record mystery shopper signups

Mary Portas

Mary Portas

Retail Eyes, a customer experience improvement agency has reported that they have had 10,000 mystery shopper signups over the weekend.

Mary Portas Channel 4 show, Secret Shopper, launched last week and examined the level of customer service in the retail fashion industry.

The show was broadcast on Wednesday, and the surge over the weekend is believed to be down to the events seen on the programme.

The second episode, shown last night, saw Portas team up with CSL Sofas to turnaround its customer care in the Rotherham store, which is renowned for its dodgy salesman.

The mystery shopper group believes that the renewed interest in customer service amongst the British public has seen retailers up and down the country desperate to improve their own reputation and customer experience.

Simon Boydell, Retail Eyes marketing manager said: “It is great to see an increased interest into the world of mystery shopping – consumers are becoming aware that not only can they get paid to go shopping, eat out at a restaurant or stay the night in a hotel, but they will be providing valuable feedback to assist retailers in providing a more enjoyable shopping experience for everyone.

“As viewers will have seen in Mary Portas: Secret Shopper, the power of customer feedback and the mystery shopper is immense. It is by far one of the best ways to assess service, as mystery shoppers give honest feedback about their shopping experiences so retailers and service providers can ensure they are offering the best service. ”

Viewers are also invited to rate stores on their service via her website, The Best (and worse) Shops in Britain.

Currently Habitat sit top with a five star rating with Fenwicks, John Lewis and Pets at Home also in the top ten.

Which are your favourite shops to shop in and why? Which don’t you like? Comment below?

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