Many are Planning Travel Trips Over the Holiday Weekend

The economy should see a bit of a boost from the many holiday travelers making the most of the end of summer.

The economy should see a bit of a boost from the many holiday travelers making the most of the end of summer.

Esure has released the results of data they compiled from a survey of would be holiday travelers.  From the look of things Friday will turn out to be a major travel day and many are indeed marking the most of this final summer holiday.  The survey revealed that as many as 52 per cent of the people participating in the poll plan on taking a trip.  This is good news as the economy can benefit from the travelers spending money on lodging, food, services and retail items.

Young adults age 18 to 25 years old are planning trips with many having the intentions of enjoying a music festival.  The Reading Festival in Berkshire, the Creamfields Festival near Runcorn in Cheshire, and the Leeds Festival at Branham Park in Wetherby, West Yorkshire are all on schedule for this weekend.  As many as 70,000 are expected at the Leeds Festival.

A spokesman for the agency said: “These events bring extra traffic into the region and drivers are advised to plan extra time for their journey, take regular breaks and have drinking water with them. Drivers should also ensure their vehicles are prepared for the journey, with plenty of coolant and fuel.

“Drivers are advised to leave plenty of time to travel to the music festivals and we are working with the festival organisers, the police and local authorities to minimise delays on the roads.”

Of those traveling 19 per cent are going over 4 hours away for their trip.  Those going to beaches are planning at the top of the list to visit the Isle of Wright, Blackpool and Brighton.

Many plan on getting up early on Saturday morning to begin their trip hoping to avoid traffic delays.  Ensure’s survey results forecast that most motorists will face an average delay of an hour and 24 minutes due to extra traffic.  There will be a possible 12 per cent experiencing traffic jams of more than three hours long in waiting.  To avoid such a situation 33 per cent of the travelers plan on using minor roads to reach their destination.

Because of possible delays in traveling, Esure wants to advise people to prepare well for their traveling.

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