Manchester’s Investment to Handle Airbus A380 Worth It For Passengers

The Airbus A-380 affords many luxuries including showers and fine dining.

The Airbus A-380 affords many luxuries including showers and fine dining.

If you are going to be flying for a considerable amount of time then by all means it should be a comfortable ride. For those willing to shell out extra for comfort when flying from Manchester to Dubai there is no greater luxury to be had commercially than the Emirates Airline’s Airbus A380 Super Jumbo. Usually flying into only London’s Heathrow Airport, the enormous plane touched down at Manchester Airport.

The plane is the largest in the world and is the most luxurious of commercial aircraft. The plan costs an estimated 200 million pounds each. It is 240 feet (73 km) long, 79 feet (24 m) high, and its wingspan covers 260 feet (80 m). It weighs around 421 tonnes without passengers or luggage.

The first class customers are treated to many unheard of conveniences including access to showers and those in the economy section find a more spacious area than found on other commercial flights. The price of an Emirates round trip ticket from Manchester to Dubai is 3,000 pounds.

The first class passengers are served fine dining meals with silver service and have access to a champagne bar. Seats double as layout beds with their own mini bar and flat screen TV among other extras.

British Airways has ordered 12 of the Super Jumbos with the first arriving from production in 2013. Virgin Atlantic has six in production and will receive theirs in 2013 as well. Most of the plane is made in Britain bringing approximately 7.5 billion pounds to work in the UK.

Ian Godden, chairman of aerospace, defence and security trade organisation ADS, said:  “The UK aerospace sector is number one in Europe and second only to the US globally. The Airbus A380 is an embodiment of this success.

“Up to half of the aircraft is made in Britain, with major contributions from many world-leading British-based companies of all sizes.”

In an economy class configuration the Super Jumbo, as it is usually called, can hold 850 passengers and with a 3 tiered class configuration it holds 525 passengers. To accommodate the massive plane the Manchester Airport has invested 10 million pounds into new fire engines, a new aircraft stand and two new terminal bridges.

Maurice Flanagan, vice chairman of the Emirates Airline and Group is confident that bookings for the A380 will prove that the investment was worth it for both the Airport and for passengers.   He said: “The A380 is proving to be a big hit with our customers. Our advance bookings are already 20% up from the same period last year.”

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