Major Retailers Offer Christmas in July

Many retailers will be playing Christmas music in their stores this weekend.

Many retailers will be playing Christmas music in their stores this weekend.

Retailers have decided to do two things to gain on their sales: grab the Christmas holiday buyers first before they go elsewhere and to get their money in the cash drawer now.  Several major online retailers have announced their Christmas in July online sales. 

Many are offering free shipping and savings on popular items now that would be expected to lure in shoppers in December, such as huge markdowns and Blu-Ray players, game systems, cameras, and televisions.  Some of the stores will have in store sales and some will even be playing Christmas music in their stores.

Christmas is a major season for retailers.  Consumers are less tight fisted to release their earnings and it is the last big chance for retailers to improve on their yearly sales number.  Many consumers are so lax with their spending that they will go into debt to purchase gifts and decorating items.

Macys, Target, Toys-R-Us, Kmart and others will be providing major savings on electronic items, winter clothing, and household goods.  In reality the retailers are hoping that once they grab one sale they can continue to offer further savings and get repeat purchases.  It is an attempt to also bring back in those shoppers that have been absent for awhile due to the economy.  The sales could be good news for the consumer who is likely to see greater savings than in the past years.

Retailers also may be hoping that a buy this early in the year ends up opened before going under the tree in December.  Then the shopper would have to buy another gift to go in its place beneath the tree.  Whether consumers respond will determine if this becomes a common situation.  Many are voicing their displeasure at retailers “eking every last coin from the Christmas Holiday they can get.”

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