Magnet Man: Attracts Car Bonnet To His Chest

Etibar Elchyev the magnet man

Etibar Elchyev the magnet man

Etibar Elchyev is a Georgian man with an extraordinary talent, he has a unique magnetic ability which allows him to stick things to his body. His latest stunt saw him stick a man perched on a car bonnet to his chest using nothing but magnetism.

The sports coach is seen balancing spoons across his upper torso in an apparent feat of ‘magnetic’ attraction. Elchyev who is 39-years-old is a kick-boxing trainer, and he was enlightened to his skill a little more than a year ago and has now embraced his skill and taken to the world of magnetism.

Georgian Guinness Book of Records Commission

The Georgian gave up the chance of breaking a Guinness world record which was arranged by the Georgian Guinness Book of Records Commission, all that was required was for him to balance 27 spoons on his face as part of the ‘most spoons balanced on the face’ category.

Instead Elchyev decided that he would prefer to balance 50 spoons around his neck and chest, this was a strange twist as usually the majority of people who have jumped for the chance to be the book and be recognised by international authority on record breaking.

The spoon balance was not the end to this show, he also went on to balance a car bonnet on his chest which a full grown man was perched on, despite the claims of magnetism there was something off regarding the stunt.

For one, the spoons had to be placed carefully with all spoons in the same position. If he was truly magnetic then surely someone could have placed the spoons on him randomly and they would have held their place.

Even with the car bonnet stunt he was leaned back as if trying to keep the angle such that the bonnet and man would not slide off. As such there are many people who are sceptical about these abilities and do not agree that they are displays of human magnetism, if they were then what explains the ability some of these individuals have when they rest items such as plates or phones on themselves.

Sticky skin

One reason that does not include magnetism is provided by Sadie Crabtree of the James Randi Education Foundation (JREF), an organization which funds the scientific investigation of paranormal claims.

She said: “Skin is naturally slightly sticky, and some types of skin are probably stickier than others, this is really no different than the trick where someone hangs a spoon from the end of their nose. It’s just sticking through friction.”

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