Madeleine McCann: Parents Hopeful Daughter Is Alive

Madeleine McCann could be alive

Madeleine McCann could be alive

It has been five years since Madeleine McCann disappeared  in Portugal, but even though there have not been any strong leads, Scotland Yard have stated that the hunt for her is not over. A photo has been released, giving an impression of what Madeleine would look like now. The heartbreaking picture looks like a school photo that would be framed by parents and put on display.

Age progression photo

The picture still looks similar to the older version of the photo, the image that was once in international circulation. There has been no confirmed sighting of her since May 2007, and the ‘age progression’ photo, which has been manipulated using modern technology, is the only possible link from the girl everyone recognised in the past to what she may look like now.

There is even an image of what she would look like now if she was living in a hot country, which would cause to her have a tan and possibly darker hair.

The image was produced after close examination of many pictures of Madeleine herself and the McCann family. She should be celebrating her 9th birthday, and even though she vanished with no trace five years ago, there is still hope that she is alive and well. In a big effort, the Met are also urging the Portuguese to reopen the investigation into her disappearance.

The investigation was shut in 2008, fifteen months after the start of the missing persons investigation. Authorities have said that they would only open the investigation again if there were new evidence coming from a serious and authoritative source.

Last week Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood from the Met said that they believed Madeleine McCann was still alive. He went on to say that his open minded investigation was also considering the possibility that Madeleine could be dead.

He wants the case to be reopened because his team of 37 detectives and staff have been making their way through a large amount of material gathered by British and Portuguese police in a thorough fashion.

Sighting in Spain

Figures have shown that the investigation has already cost around £2 million; the McCann’s themselves have put in more than £3 million from public donations and libel settlements to the investigation.

There is some hope with one British expat saying that she had seen a small girl with a strong resemblance to Madeleine playing on the Penoncillo beach in the Spanish resort of Nerja last summer.

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