Lottery Winners: Young Couple Win EuroMillions Jackpot

Winners of £45m

Winners of £45m

The EuroMillions lottery jackpot has been won by a young couple from Stapleford in Nottinghamshire, it would seem as if the good fortune has come at the perfect time as the couple are set to marry later in the year. They are both 22-years old and have pocketed £45 million.

Five numbers and two lucky stars

The pair are set to marry  in September, and they won the money after matching five numbers and two lucky stars in the draw which took place on Tuesday. Matt Topham is a painter and Cassey Carrington a supervisor in a food retailer, both had been working to save up for their wedding.

At a press conference that took place in Derbyshire, Carrington revealed that after the win the pair’s first thoughts were of how they would look after their parents. They also revealed that they hadn’t  regularly played the lottery, and as such they have put the win down to buying a ticket on a ‘lucky day’.

Carrington said that she had felt that she would win the lottery, which may support the positive mental thinking attitude. This is the second time this EuroMillions lottery has been won people in Britain this year, with Mansfield couple Gareth and Catherine Bull winning £40m in January.

This puts the couple seventh on the list of the biggest jackpots that have ever been won in the United Kingdom. With the EuroMillions regularly paying out very large sums of money, for those lucky enough to win the sum of money is definitely life changing.

While the young couple enjoyed their win, Mr Topham’s mother Julie Gamble had to fight back the tears as she hoped that the win would not change her sons life for the worse. There are concerns that the pair are too young to receive the money, with history showing the reckless attitude people have when they have so much money.

Aston Martin and flying lessons

There are suggestions that the Mr Topham had not been in communication with his mother after his parents split-up six years ago. The couple have already put together a list of the things they would like to purchase with their money, which is to be expected.

Miss Carrington has her eyes on a new Aston Martin and wants to design her own home, while Mr Topham would like to take flying lessons. Both have plans to buy their parents new homes and pay off their mortgages.

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