London Bus Racism: Another Video Emerges

Racism on bendy bus

Racism on bendy bus

A new video has just come out on the internet which shows another women voicing her opinions on Britain’s diverse population. She is heard hurling racist abuse to another passenger before he has enough and throws her out of the bus. It was only a few weeks ago that another women, this time on a tram near Croydon, was recorded openly publicising her views on the same matter.

Both females

On both occurrences the females were not put off by people recording them, either they were oblivious to the camera or they had not thought through the entire consequences of their unjust rants.

Regardless, Britain and especially London has a diverse population with people, where you are able to find people from almost every corner of the globe. On a whole this has made people more tolerant of each other, and allowed the younger generations of children growing up to understand new cultures.

The newest clip shows a blonde-haired lady on a racial tirade against a black male passenger on the 29 bus which was travelling between Wood Green, north London, and Trafalgar Square, in the heart of the city.

The women in question has remained unnamed, and she launched a nasty and uncalled for attack against the passengers around her. In the recording you can hear people laughing and filming it on their phones, but in reality this is far from a laughing matter in fact many were probably laughing at the woman’s ignorance.

The woman then lunges forward to throw a punch at the man, which was the load that broke the camel’s back. As the gentleman fought back eventually throwing her out of the bus, then man had dreadlocked hair and was clearly put in an awkward position by the out of control woman.

Grabs her by the neck

In a fight with the lady the man grabs her neck while the other passengers on the bus call to the driver to stop at which point she is physically removed from the bus.

The video itself lasts for 1 min 13 seconds, a short amount of time but it will definitely have a lasting impact. This is the second such video that has been released and while it is unfair to say that this could be more a frequent scenario than people would admit, it would also be wrong to assume that it does not happen with more regularity.

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