London at a stand-still yesterday as Royal Wedding festivities commenced

Royal Wedding Crowds

Royal Wedding Crowds

An estimated 1 million people lined the streets yesterday to join in the wedding festivities and hopefully bag a few shots of the Royals passing by on their way to and from Abbey. Thousands camped overnight, with hundreds sleeping rough for up to 5 nights to ensure they got the best “seat in the house.”

As dawn broke, the scene on London Streets, especially near the Mall, resembled an early-morning at a music festival with fans emerging from their tents, using the portaloos and gearing themselves up for the big day. Their dedication and long waits paid off – a majestic display of pageantry very rarely witnessed by the pubic eye filled the streets of London.

Although it is estimated that their seven hours of waiting amounted to only seconds of royal action, capturing of those special moments on film made it all worth while. In addition to the fantastic photo opportunities, crowds were able to experience and share a very special moment with each other, building fantastic camaraderie during the entire day. Furthermore, they were able to witness the fabulous fancy dress spectacles no royal could match.

“We do these things incredibly well,” Prime Minister David Cameron, who slept on the streets the night before the wedding of Charles and Diana in 1981, said in a Sky News television interview. “People around the world will be watching and seeing some of the best of Britain.”

In addition to all those present in the capital watching the historic wedding unfold, an estimated 2 billion viewers across 180 countries tuned in to the international television coverage of the event. In fact, the National Grid confirmed the demand for electricity increased by 2,400MW – the equivalent of nearly a million kettles being turned on at the same time- right after the couple reached Buckingham Palace after the ceremony at 12.40pm. The surge was a third higher than that which which registered 1,800MW when people had been watching Princess Di and Prince Charles on their big day.

No doubt, many revellers will look back at the Royal Wedding as a day in history not to be soon forgotten, a story to tell their children and grandchildren for years to come.

Did you join in the festivities in London for the wedding?

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