Lloyds Bank To Send Top Staff Back To Branches

Hight Street Branch

Hight Street Branch

In a bid to solve its customer service problems, Lloyds is sending over 550 senior managers and executives back to work in branches this month.

The hundreds of top senior staff will be working in high street branches for a fortnight, as of next week. According to Helen Weir, the head of Lloyds’ retail banking empire, the staff will be working there so they can listen to punters problems and “earn” back their trust

Hundreds more product managers will spend a day each month manning the phones in call centers across the nation, so they can listen to customers and see what they aren’t doing right. On top of this, all new senior recruits will spend a whole month in branches.

These plans come after Lloyd’s began to receive a staggering 1,580 complaints a day in the first half of 2010. The banking giant, who also runs Halifax and Bank of Scotland, managed to receive a jaw-dropping 288,000 complaints between January and June of 2010.

In an exclusive interview, Ms Weir said of the problem: “The relationship between banks and their customers was probably not right before but the pendulum has swung too far the other way.”

However, Weir insisted that Lloyd’s are starting to win around customers, despite the continuation of irate phone calls from Lloyd’s customers to The Sun newspaper.

She claims that upcoming figures would prove that the numbers of complaints have dropped by as much as 45 per cent, therefore beating her internal target of 25 per cent.

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  1. January 12, 2011 at 9:32 am Jonathan Charley Commented:

    What a really excellent idea. This is aligned to the changes that we need to see if Retail Banking is to really improve the service and customer experience as outlined in the following blog: http://www.itsafinancialworld.net/2011/01/why-leadership-of-banks-needs-to-change.html

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