Liverpool and Chelsea top Premier Leagues big spenders on agents

Chelsea and Liverpool top spending league

Chelsea and Liverpool top spending league

Liverpool and Chelsea came out top of a list released showing how much money Premier League clubs paid to agents in the last 12 months.

Between the top 20 teams in English football, more than £67 million was paid to agents, £3 million down from last year.

Chelsea topped the list, spending £9.29 million, with Liverpool, a club struggling under the burden of huge interest payments to service their existing debt, coming in just behind having spent £9 million.

With agents fees paid equally over the length of a players contract, the drop in transfer fees was not equally represented in a drop in agents fees.

With only £380 million spent on players by the Premier League teams this summer, compared to £620 million the year before, the clubs spent nearly 39% less. This is a lot more than the 3% drop in agents fees.

Some clubs spent more, with Liverpool and Sunderland both spending over £2 million more than last year, and Everton and Stoke spending over £1 million more.

Other clubs saved money with Manchester City surprisingly saving themselves £7 million, Arsenal and Wigan spent £1 million less and West Ham spent £2 million less.

Premier League of agent spending

1. Chelsea £9,293,751

2. Liverpool £9,032,528

3. Manchester City £5,952,261

4. Tottenham Hotspur £5,361,229

5. Sunderland £4,421,990

6. Arsenal £3,660,199

7. Everton £3,599,040

8. Bolton Wanderers £3,549,316

9. West Ham United £3,419,089

10. Wigan Athletic £2,461,500

11. Newcastle United £2,417,776

12. Manchester United £2,312,726

13. Aston Villa £2,279,536

14. Stoke City £2,196,968

15. Fulham £2,087,373

16. Blackburn Rovers £1,623,232

17. Birmingham City £1,518,529

18. Wolverhampton £1,291,794

19. West Bromwich Albion £614,195

20. Blackpool £45,000

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