Lincolnshire: Pair Found Dead In Pond



A 71 year old grandmother and her six year old grandson have been found dead in a pond in Lincolnshire, according to police. The pair are believed to have drowned while feeding ducks on the pond, which is located on a farm estate.

Police have declined to identify the victims, but the pensioner and her grandson were found dead following a large scale search on land and by air, using an RAF helicopter. The pond is located at Hollywell village, near Castle Bytham. Police have said after initial investigation they are not treating the deaths as suspicious.


According to Det. Chief Insp. Dave Wood the alarm was raised when officers went to the woman’s home following a call and were not able to find either her or the boy. After conducting a search of the area they found her car by the pond and both bodies were eventually discovered by a grate at one end of the pond.

Mr Wood said that one possibility for the deaths was that the pair were driving home when they stopped to feed the ducks. He highlighted that as there were no witnesses they may never know the exact circumstances of the deaths, but that there was nothing suspicious about them.

There have been no previous fatalities in the pond and the police are currently waiting for a post-mortem from the coroner to confirm the cause of death as drowning. The pond has a concrete platform that is used for feeding the ducks and is surrounded by a grass verge.


Police received a call from the boy’s mother in the evening when the boy did not return home from his grandmother’s house.

While the women’s body was found around 11pm, the search continued for the boy’s for several hours longer. Despite attempts to resuscitate both of them, they were pronounced dead on the scene.

Formal identification will not be finished until Monday, however the pensioner has been described by her cleaner as “a great friend” and “brilliant person who would do anything for anyone.” She went on to say the news of the deaths had come as a great shock to everyone in the village.


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