Lincolnshire council sends out its second over 50s booklet to mixed reception



Lincolnshire council has sent out its second edition of its Over 50s advice guide, three years after the first one became so popular, they had to send for more copies.

The guide, which offers advice in such things as healthy eating, activities and advice for people turning 50 has gone down extremely well in some quarters, after being published in partnership with the police, NHS and Age Concern.

But whilst some people turning 50 will appreciate the advice, others are hardly likely to welcome anything with an Age Concern logo on it, especially if they are in denial about their age.

If you bear in mind that Sir Alex Ferguson hadn’t won a single league title when he turned 50, over 20 years later he’s on course to win his twelfth, hardly representing a man who needs any advice on how to survive after turning 50.

Assistant Director of public Health from the counties NHS, Tony McGinty said, “We initially produced 30,000 copies and they proved so popular we followed this up with another run of 25,000 and this latest, updated run of 10,000 copies.

“The response has been phenomenal and we will be sending copies out through the usual channels – GP’s surgeries, partner organisations and on request from people asking for copies.”

The mixed reaction was explained by two Lincolnshire residents.

Susan Parks, a 63-year-old cleaning supervisor said: “Some need the advice, but I don’t. Not everybody’s the same and what one person will understand, another person will not.

“But I don’t think people in their fifties are too young to receive the advice.”

June Statham, a 60-year-old receptionist added, “I would have thought people know when they get into their fifties what they need to do to make their home safe.

“It shouldn’t be too difficult to think about it. You should be able to do it because it’s second nature – especially if you have children.”

Whilst you may not need any advice, an over 50s plan may be for you, giving you the opportunity to leave a lump sum to the people you love, should the worst happen.

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