Liege: Nordine Amrani Filmed After His Attack

Armed with grenades and an assault rifle

Armed with grenades and an assault rifle

A video has begun to do the rounds which shows the moments immediately after gunman Nordine Amrani opened fire in Liege, Belgium. Amrani had launched a full scale assault on crowds of people who had been out shopping for the Christmas season in Leige’s busy Place Saint Lambert, such drastic action was taken by the man because he knew he was being sent back to prison.

Grenade and assault rifle

It had been revealed mid-week that Amrani, 33, killed a 45-year-old woman before his grenade and assault rifle onslaught which culminated in three deaths in Liege, this included a small boy who was a little short of his second birthday.

The man of Moroccan origin had been on parole and had been summoned to police, he feared being arrested and returning to prison because his car number plate was seen at the scene of an ‘immoral act’ as it was described.

He was a man with previous convictions and had spent time in jail for possession of arms, he was well aware that the police would have raided his properties where he had amassed a new collection of very powerful weapons, which included grenades and assault rifles.

His lawyer also confirmed the Amrani’s concerns, as he himself was called twice by the gunman regarding the same issues. Jean-Francois Dister, who was his defence lawyer, said Amrani believed that he was being set-up by people who wanted to harm him.

The shootings have put the Belgian justice authorities under the spotlight after Amrani was let out early from prison on arms and drugs charges. The events leading to his early release included plea bargaining, and partial acquittal for his armoury of dozens of weapons and nearly 10,000 rounds of ammunition.


Prior to his suicide attack on festive shoppers he had murdered a woman who worked as a cleaner for an unnamed neighbour. He had lured the woman into his ‘lock-up’ which was a deserted and worse for wear house and garage property which he owned but did not live at, on the suggestion of offering her employment. He killed the lady in a cold blooded attack with one shot to the head.

Liegeois prosecutor Cedric Visart de Bocarme said: “A search last night revealed in a warehouse used by the attacker, notably to grow cannabis, the body of a woman killed by the attacker before he went to the Place St Lambert.”

Prosecutors working on the case revealed that Amrani took his own life with a shot to the forehead using his revolver, this was after he had thrown three grenades and showered shoppers with many rounds of his assault rifle.

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