Libyan Conflict: Gaddafi’s Guns on Display



Libya Interim Force’s Brigade Commander, Omar Al Shibani, displayed the weapons found on ousted dictator Col. Muammar Gaddafi when he was captured, at a press conference today. The former dictator was found with a gold plated Browning pistol, two assault rifles and a Smith and Wesson .357 Magnum pistol containing dum-dum bullets. Dum-dum bullets are banned under international law.

Gaddafi’s Fate

Gaddafi was found hiding in a sewage pipe outside his hometown of Sirte on Thursday, after NATO made an airstrike on his convoy as he was trying to flee the town. Video footage of his capture appeared online within hours, followed by news of his death. A post-mortem examination of his body revealed a bullet wound in the left side of his head and one in his abdomen.

During the press conference, Commander Al Shibani described the moment Col. Gaddafi was captured, “When Gaddafi came out, crawling on fours, he had these guns. The moment this young man, Umran Shabaan, found him inside, he (Gaddafi) didn’t try to use his guns. He was afraid, shivering, and he said: ‘What’s going on?’ And then Umran took the weapons from him and pointed to his head and pulled him outside.”


With questions still surrounding when Gadaffi was killed and by whom, the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner, Navi Pillay has called for an investigation into the death, lamenting that it prevented his victims from receiving “cathartic” justice in the courts for his crimes. The Libyan National Transitional Council maintains that the former leader was killed when he was caught in the crossfire between NTC fighters and his own supporters, however conflicting reports have surfaced along with video footage of an NTC fighter who claims to have killed Gaddafi.

It still remains unclear what will happen to Gaddafi’s body. Members of his tribe in Sirte have asked for permission to bury it there, however members of the NTC fear if his burial place is not kept a secret, it could be turned into a shrine for his supporters.

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