Leveson Enquiry: Piers Morgan Caught In The Mix

Piers Morgan accused of listening to voicemail

Piers Morgan accused of listening to voicemail

Piers Morgan the former tabloid editor has refused to admit that it was unethical to listen to a voicemail sent to Heather Mills by her ex-husband Paul McCartney. However, new developments during the Leveson Inquiry are suggesting that Mills herself may have leaked her own voicemails to Morgan.

No hacking while Morgan was at paper

During the inquiry the former editor refused to divulge information regarding the source who have played him the recording, and he still maintains that the phone hacking which took place was not while he was the editor the Mirror.

Morgan did reveal that he had listened to the message to Mills from McCartney but was not willing to provide any other details.

With the claim that Heather Mills had herself revealed the message, she could be asked to give evidence at the Inquiry which seems to be revealing something new daily. Mills would need to clear-up whether she herself released the message, after claims that her phone was hacked by the Daily Mirror when it was being edited by Morgan himself.

Morgan was not interested in engaging with questions which would make him expose the person who played the message or where he had heard the message, and he also maintained that his behaviour was not unethical.

It was deemed by Lord Justice Leveson that the only people permitted to listen to the message were Heather Mills herself and anybody who was given permission by her to listen to it. On this point the Lord Justice Leveson said that he would have no problems including Mills into the Inquiry to clear up the confusion and whether Morgan was given permission to listen to her messages.

Morgan who has become somewhat of a household name in the United Kingdom and the United States has also stood firm on the point of phone hacking at the mirror, he is defiant that no hacking had taken place while he was at the newspaper.

Videolink from the US

Putting the attention back on Mills, Morgan said: “All we know for a fact about Lady Heather Mills McCartney is that in their divorce case Paul McCartney stated as a fact that she had recorded their conversations and given them to the media.”

This was revealed back in 2006 when a Morgan had written column for the Mail, talking about the divorce of Mills and McCartney.

Morgan was also asked in a videolink from the US whether he had listened to the voicemail messages of Ulrika Jonsson which revealed her affair with Sven Goran Eriksson who was the England manager at the time.

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