Levesen Inquiry: JK Rowling Gives Evidence

JK Rowling

JK Rowling

JK Rowling the author of the much loved Harry Potter children’s books has described her anger when she found a note from a journalist in her 5-year-olds schoolbag. She had appeared for two hours before the inquiry into the ethics and regulation of the press at the high court, where she also revealed how she felt like she was under siege from paparazzi and provided a few examples of the alleged violation.


The author is hugely protective of her three children and has complained to the press many times, she said that if someone was to stand up to certain newspapers about the way they had behaved they would seek retribution and become very spiteful.

The High Court in London is the stage for the Leveson Inquiry, and it has been thrilling to watch the many high profile names and families involved with murders describe how they have suffered because of the actions of some newspapers.

What the Inquiry has done is put the spotlight on how aggressive some of Britain’s tabloid newspapers are when they are on the prowl for a news story that will increase the sales of their otherwise struggling newspaper sales. They have disclosed the sex lives of politicians and film stars, TV and sport just so the celebrity obsessed nation of Britain is able to get their fix.

The author was very nervous to start speaking very low and softly, she revealed that the two years after the first book was released she had been forced away from her home, the sudden interest in the book and its author was clearly overwhelming for the talented writer.

She was cornered in her own house with paparazzi waiting like vultures on the outside, and she become outraged when a head teacher from a school one of her children went to was contacted in an attempt to find out information about the final book in the series.

Inquiry ordered by Cameron

The Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered this inquiry after it had emerged that people employed by Rupert Murdoch for the News of the World newspaper had hacked into the phones of thousands of people and then used fishing to secure stories.

Fishing was the technique where they would have information to produce a story and journalists would call up the celebrity in question and ask if they wanted to make a comment on the news story, and in the process getting the confirmation they needed to publish the story.

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