Leicestershire to Benefit from Santander Job Growth

Santander is adding over 400 new employees to help take care of all the new customers it has acquired.

Santander is adding over 400 new employees to help take care of all the new customers they have acquired.

Santander, the Spanish banking juggernaut, recently announced the creation of 100 positions in its Leicestershire offices. The bank acquired Alliance and Leicester in 2008 and due to surge in new business, is going to add a total of 400 new employees across the UK. Three hundred of these employees will be added between Liverpool and Glasgow.

The president of the Alliance and Leicester Group Union of Staff, Debbie Cort, had some enthusiastic things to say about the new employees, remarking: “This is very good news. A lot of jobs were lost in the county when Santander took over but we are pleased to see some of them returning now.

“It will not take us back to the previous levels we had but there may be more jobs to come in the future.

“It shows that the economy is picking up a bit now.

“The company is now Santander but it still keeps its historic association with the city of Leicester so people will be pleased that it is doing well.”

There are several other people within the Leicestershire community who are looking forward to the new hires, including Martin Traynor, chief executive of the local Chamber of Commerce. He commented, saying: “This is excellent news for the Leicestershire economy.

“Call centre operatives play an important part in our economy these days and we have the people here in Leicestershire to fill these positions. The creation of a substantial number of new jobs demonstrates that banking and the wider economy are emerging out of recession.”

Santander boasts 25 million customers across the UK.

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