Killer Whales: Sightings Off Coast In Newquay

Big predators lingering arounf Cornish coast

Big predators lingering arounf Cornish coast

Experts’ have made a serious warning today to people visiting the Newquay that Killer Whales have been seen off the coast. The whales have come as close as 100 yards from the Cornish coast, and there have even been sightings at Padstow, which is only 15 miles away from Newquay. As such people visiting the beach and coastline for whatever reason have been told to stay out the water.

Mother and calf

The marine experts have revealed that the two predators are a mother and calf, and despite being calm they are dangerous because they are being described as unpredictable. As such surfers and bathers could be attacked if the whales mistake these people as prey or simply in process of protecting its young.

The problem that the experts are having is knowledge of whether there is only two of these giant whales or are there a pod of them, since there is a known pod of killer whales in Scotland which could be travelling around the country. For this reason they are telling visitors to the coast to be safe rather than sorry, keeping out of the way of these whales to make sure there is no chance of an attack.

Early reasoning to why they are lingering around the Cornish coast is because of food, there are plenty of seals down on the south coast. Many people have revealed that they have seen the whales off and on for the last 10 days, which means that this could become a serious situation if people do not listen to the warnings coming their way.

These predators are also known as Orca, and one was a star of the movie Free Willy. But they can grow up to 32ft in length and end up with a weight of 9 tonnes, their dorsal fin in particular is known to grow to more than 6ft.

Attacking a basking shark

They are usually seen around Iceland, Norway and the northern parts of Scotland but have been seen further south, going as far as Spain, Portugal and further east into the Mediterranean.

There were reports of a killer whale attacking a basking shark not too long ago, and the concern is if the whale was to get curios around humans then by accident or on purpose it could attack. Over-fishing has really affected their diets and if they are hungry there is a chance they will go for human.

Tom Hardy of Cornwall Wildlife Trust has said: “Attacks on humans are extremely rare. You would be very unlucky to get attacked by one.”

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