Kieron Williamson: Child Art Prodigy

Kieron Williamson Painting

Kieron Williamson Painting

A child art prodigy who held an exhibition to showcase his work, left the same exhibition making more than £100,000 after he sold all his paintings under 10 minutes. The boy wonder is no different to any other child his age, he still wears his school uniform while playing out after school on the lane outside his house ‘whizzing’ around on his inline skates.


Many would say that it is not exactly the place where you would catch a child prodigy who later that evening would be on his way to his first art exhibition to fill his pockets with huge amount of money. But the real question is, where do you expect to find these talented children? What sets them apart from the rest? The reality is despite his talent he is just like any other kid and you would expect to find him amused in activities that others his age would be partaking in.

It was only two years ago when the seven-year-old made a small ripple from his skills with pastels and acrylics depicting the countryside near his home in Norfolk, where he attracted the praise of many and had a waiting list of 680 buyers.

During that time the interest in the young British artist has grown fast, with a waiting list of nearly 6,000 people including Americans, Chinese and Germans who are all desperately trying to get their hands on a Kieron original.

Some of the paintings which he sold for £2,000 have gone on to sell for £10,000, with his fifth exhibition his biggest success he sold one painting for £15,595.

The boys talents seem miraculous, his parents worked as an electrician and a nutritionist who are not artistic. The first showing of his talent came when he and his parents visited Cornwall on their first family holiday. While the family admired the bay, the small Kieron used some pencils to create a striking drawing.

Art studio

Back in the day Kieron used to paint on the kitchen table, but times have changed and he now has his own studio, which is cluttered with easels and paints all left carefully balanced on palettes. He has books full of sketches, but he paints in oils, pastels and watercolours displaying his artistic skill with many mediums.

Talking about his paintings, Kieron said: “I like painting stormy skies and I’ve painted lots of marshes, and I like painting windmills.”

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