Keppler 22b: Discovery Of Planet Like Earth

600 light years away could be the new earth

600 light years away could be the new earth

NASA scientists have made a discovery that has the potential to change the future of the human race, after they found  an earth like planet being called Keppler-22b. The find is gaining attention because despite being 600 light years away, there is the potential that the planet twice the size of earth could hold life on it.

Colonising another planet

If scientists do find that there is something living on the planet and that there is water, then it would be a strong candidate for the likelihood of humans colonising another planet. This is a topic that has many people interested, in the pasts there were talks of Mars having a base for humans and even the moon.

The planet is 600 light years away, this is an amount of time that will elude the life expectancy of all of us. It is being hailed as the ‘new earth’, however it could turn out to be a damp squib since scientists are not completely certain over whether it is actually like earth, solid in nature, or is it made of gas, like Neptune.

Until this has been worked out any farfetched plans to send a diverse group of humans across the empty skies will still be on the backburner. Moreover, the likelihood that the planet will have exciting life, i.e. aliens, is a long shot. It is more than likely that if there is any life on the planet then it will not be interesting at all.

Currently scientists do not have the data or information in front of them that will allow them to get into any of the particulars, but this is work that will be carried out. With the current space battle being over who will be the first to get to Mars, throwing a planet a little further way into the mix might force a real battle of who will reach the ‘new earth’ once it has been confirmed that the planet holds similarities.

Sci-fi fans

If it doesn’t then sci-fi fans won’t have much to shout about since it will confirm that humans are alone.

Scientists are not expecting to find an alien population, although it would be very interesting if they did. What they are expecting is very realistic, the chance that the planet might have living bacteria.

Despite the planet being similar to earth, the chance that there is life on it will require a lucky sequence of events especially when the line between things surviving and not surviving is small one.

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