Kate Middleton wrongly banned from Facebook for having a royal name.



Kate Middleton from Pembury, Kent, has been barred from using facebook because she shares the same name as Prince William’s finance, Kate Middleton.

Kate, who has been using her account for two years, was accused of impersonating the royal bride, despite having her own photos, friends and a history of using the site.

The mum said: “I was quite shocked because I’d started writing an e-mail to all my friends and went to press send and it came up to say I had to login.

“I logged in and it came up to say I was a fake and my account had been disabled.

“They said I couldn’t use my name because I was impersonating someone famous, which I’m not, as I am Kate Middleton.”

Facebook have vowed to look into the error and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

They claimed to check thousands of pieces of content every day to keep the site safe and free from fraud.
The real Royal couple are due to get married on April 29th, although a tube strike planned could dampen their big day.

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