Kate And Wills: Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Centrepoint

Prince William and Kate Middleton visit Centrepoint

Prince William and Kate Middleton visit Centrepoint

Prince William and Kate Middleton have visited the Centrepoint charity for the homeless, a major effort gets underway each year as charities and groups try to feed, water and house the homeless through the festive season and usually one of the coldest times in the year. The two who met at university in Scotland got married in April this year to much interest and before and after the big day.

Public appearances

Prince William had become versed in these public appearances and meeting people as part of his charity work, but although new to Middleton she has found herself taking to these situations with ease.

They visited Centrepoint, a charity, to take part in a healthy cooking lesson and then a workshop on youth unemployment. They also stuck around to watch a performance of ‘Centrepoint’s Got Talent’, wherever you go the majority have been running their own version of the TV show from which the like of Diversity and Susan Boyle were discovered.

During the talent show the royal couple had to sit and watch performers, 20-year-old Olivia Sabat had been picked out to sing to the Duke and Duchess as part of the talent show. The young women sung a very popular Kings of Leon track called ‘Use Somebody’, apparently this is one of the bands Prince William has a keen likening towards.

Prince William is the leading patron of Centrepoint, and has been since 2005, which is charity that helps the younger generation who have found themselves homeless in the UK. During some high profile visits, William and his brother have showed their support to Centrepoint which goes back many years.

Previously it was Prince William’s  mother, Diana Princess of Wales who had worked with charities and did a good job in promoting and raising money for many of them. Making visits to children’s hospitals to trips to Africa in a bid to raise funds but also give many some hope.

The Queen

Kate Middleton has already stated that this is where she sees her immediate future, and with the Queen reducing the number of trips she is making it will fall on the younger generations of royals to step up and continue the work.

It is also important that the royals can continue make the same impact the royals in the past had, Prince William did his part after showing off his dance moves with an 18-year-old  girl who was staying at the shelter.

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