Kanye West is Ruling Twitter and a Coventry Student Has His Attention

Kanye West is fast becoming an expert of social media and has made a young man in Coventry famous.

Kanye West is fast becoming an expert of social media and has made a young man in Coventry famous.

Kanye West, an international recording artist, joined Twitter last week.  In fact it is so important, let’s get the facts down for this one, he joined and posted his first tweet on July 28 at 1:17 PM.  His tweets in one week have become the “in” thing to know about in Twitterland.  He now has over 424,626 followers and is on 5,910 lists, and Kanye West is following 1 person.  He picked someone randomly out of Twitter to be the “chosen one” and that person is a 19 year old in Conventry.

Kanye West decided he would follow one person.  To those not familiar with Twitter than means that everytime Kanye sends out a 140 character maximum twitter post that the 424,626 plus followers get a “post” on their Twitter page telling them the wisdom or news of Kanye at that moment, but the only tweets that Kanye is getting on his are those posted by Steven Holmes of Coventry, he alone has Kanye’s attention.  The decision of choosing one person and choosing Steven has changed Steven’s life.  He is now famous and his name has been printed in 1,ooo’s of news reports, including this one.

Kanye has gained attention for his hilarious tweets about what he is doing, whether that is how he ordered his salmon cooked to what he is wearing, to his brilliance at sending out tweets, to bouts of wisdom that people are calling “Kanye-isms” such as “I hate stickers on laptops”.

He seems to quickly becoming an expert at social media marketing as he tweets about his favorite brands of clothing, etc. and made the tweet post of “I’m not getting paid to say any of this…yet, hahahhaha”.  With the attention his tweets are getting a quick plug from Kanye could be worth more than an ad during a major sporting event.

There is such a following that people are tweeting about what they think Kanye might tweet next, to pairing his tweets with actual New Yorker cartoons.  So when Kanye announced that he would be choosing one person to follow everyone held their breath, who would it be, what top executive, A-list, well known celebrity would it be.  Instead he picked a random person and it happened to be Steven Holmes. 

Steven apparently has been offered free things, he is being sent music demos for review, and people want to get to know him, they want to interview him.  He posted on his Twitter account the following post “Just to clarify, I mean I won’t be speaking to any more press journalists”.  He also twitted that not everyone wants to be famous and that he is just a normal person. 

Conan O’Brian did the same thing when he joined Twitter and the person he followed was a young lady that used her new found fame to raise money for a charity.  This could end up being a trend for celebrities that join Twitter.  It gets a lot of PR for the celebrity and it gives a long and far reaching fame for the person that is followed.  It would be a great opportunity to use the new found 15 minutes of fame to ask for a job, set out a plug for your new company, ask for donations to a charity in your name, or maybe to ask for some great seats at a concert or ballgame. 

Who would have thought you could win a lottery ticket per say to become famous by having a free account on Twitter?  If you have great plans for your 15 minutes of fame get on Twitter and start following celebrities and famous people and maybe someone will follow you back.  Don’t forget to follow Steven Holmes in Coventry, maybe he will follow you back and you can be famous too.

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