July Online Shopping has Largest Increase in Three Years

The average UK online shopper spent 81 pounds in the month of July.

The average UK online shopper spent 81 pounds in the month of July.

Online shopping in the United Kingdom has seen a large increase.  Whether it’s due to convenience or because of the December in July sales that were being pushed on the Internet last month, July saw an increase of 18 per cent compared with July 2009.  It was also the greatest increase in online sales since 2007 according to IMRG Capgemini eRetail Sales Index.

As an attempt to boost sales, many large retailers as well as small shoppes advertised specials called Christmas in July.  Deep discounts could be found on electronic merchandise much like would be expected in the end of the year for Holiday sales.  Retailers also unveiled the years new Christmas decoration designs and offered pre-order for popular toys.

Other retail sales included people looking for good summer reads from book retailers, and travelers purchasing discounted travel tickets.

During July a total of 5 billion pounds was spend by online shoppers.  This was a record for 2010 according to IMRG.  The average UK shopper spent 81 pounds when purchasing online.  Travel sales rose by a third compared with data for the previous year.

“Although online retail sales survived the recession more convincingly than High Street sales, the last two years or so have no doubt been shaky at times,” said Chris Webster, head of retail consulting and technology at Capgemini, the company which publishes the online sales index with IMRG.

“It is really encouraging to see growth levels returning to those seen pre-2007 and before consumer confidence was knocked by the financial crisis and the recession.”

According to the data at least one half of the UK shoppers was online every day in July.  David Smith, IMRG’s Managing Director, said: “With over half of the UK population online at least once a day it is no surprise that online sales continue to grow impressively year-on-year.

“The evidence mounts that high street retailers will need to invest more in their online business and put it at the heart of their retail strategy. Online retailers, on the other hand, will need to continue to innovate as they strive to close the growth gap.”

Michael Norton, Managing Director of online payment services provider PayPoint.net, added: “We’ve seen the online retail industry go from strength to strength this year.

“Our data showed a 29 per cent increase in the number of online transactions compared with this time last year, with transaction values up 11 per cent month-on-month.

“We’ve also seen an improvement in business confidence, having received increased interest from would-be entrepreneurs looking to set up their own online business – another clear indicator that the e-commerce market is returning to health.”

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