Economy: Mega-Chains Starbucks, Hilton to Create Jobs

Starbucks to open 100 new High Street locations

Starbucks to open 100 new High Street locations

Though analysts continue to slash growth forecasts for the UK economy in the coming year, massive global firms Starbucks and Hilton have given Britain something to celebrate.

Starbucks makes 5,000 jobs

US-based coffee giant Starbucks has announced its plans to expand its UK arm further. According to a spokesperson, the company plans to create 5,000 jobs over the course of the next five years.

The announcement comes as the firm looks to increase its number of drive-through coffee locations, which are typically found at motorway service stations. As air travel becomes increasingly expensive, the firm predicts it will increase profits by giving cross-country travellers easier access to their goods.

The coffee conglomerate will also open a further 100 High Street coffee shops.

The news of new barista positions opening all over the country brings hope to the nation’s unemployed youth, which official figures show have exceeded 1 million. As half the chain’s staff in coffee shops are under 24 years old, the jobs will affect young unemployed people particularly.

Prime Minister David Cameron has called the Starbucks announcement “a great boost to the British economy.”

Hilton hiring

The news comes as thousands of jobs have been announced by pub chain Marston’s and Hilton hotels.

The international hotel chain is planning to open over 20 new hotels in Britain, which is estimated to create around 1,500 jobs. Hilton says that the new jobs are just part of a major expansion that is set to take place over the next few years.

The hotel firm has said that it sees the UK, Germany, and Poland as key growth areas for the hotel market and plans increase its holdings. New UK sites will include Lincoln and Burton on Trent.

In total, Hilton intends to open 110 new hotels within the next two and a half years, by 2014.

Hilton’s president for Europe, Simon Vincent, said that Hilton Worldwide is experiencing “an exciting period of growth,” which warrants expansion that will “offer a wealth of rewarding career options.”

The total amount of new jobs created is estimated to top 8,500. The jobs are a welcome announcement for Europe, which has seen unemployment figures rise continuously throughout the continent.


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